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Meet Cameron

The first time I cooked a real meal was the first time I felt a true, meaningful sense of purpose. The meal was horrible (my family still jokes about my 6th-grade attempt at Coq Au Vin), but that day awoke a passion for cooking that's never left me. Even as a kid, I would come home from school and watch Good Eats instead of cartoons. After decades of honing my craft, I'm still as passionate about food as ever. Now, I spend my days cooking–both on YouTube and for those around me–and my mission is to help you share the same joy I get watching into the kitchen, no matter your experience.

My hope is that this pocket of the internet empowers you to put on your apron, try something new, and cook something for the people that matter to you. Go find the recipe that makes your eyes widen, invite someone over to try it, then share in the simple joy that good food and good conversation brings.

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