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Perfect Crepes Are Easier Than You Think

Updated: Jan 20

These are absolutely the easiest recipe I could possibly think of. These are simple, satisfying, and take only 15 minutes to make. This an iteration on my Granny's crepe recipe, and they're easily the best ones I've ever made.


3 large eggs

1 1/4 cup whole milk

1 cup AP flour

1 tsp sugar

pinch of salt

1 tablespoon melted butter





Whipped Cream

Peanut Butter and Jelly

To make our batter, we’ll beat our eggs first. In a large bowl, crack in 3 eggs and mix those with a whisk or even a fork if you don’t have one. Beat them until totally smooth, which is hard to do if there are a ton of other ingredients in the bowl. That’s why it’s important to do this first. Add in one and one fourth cup of whole milk.

Add in 1 tsp sugar, a pinch of salt, and 1 cup of all purpose flour. Although this is a sweet batter, salt is a requirement to get the flavor correct. Without salt, the crepes will be a little bland and flat. Whisk this together until combined, and then walk away for like 5 minutes. This settling will let some of the air out, and it will allow the flour lumps to work themselves out.

After that 5 minutes, we’ll pour this batter through the sieve into the other bowl. There will be lumps of flour that just don’t get worked out, and those could cause our batter to tear later. Melt 1 tablespoon of butter in the microwave and then whisk it into the batter.

I like to get the pan hot over medium high, and then back the heat down to medium for the actual cooking. There’s almost always a sacrificial crepe, just like the first pancake. Usually the pan needs a second to evenly come to temp, and that first crepe gives it what it needs. Take your ladle, and fill it roughly 2/3 of the way full and then pour the batter into the center of the pan. Immediately lift the pan and swirl it so the batter spreads into a thin even layer. This cooks in less than a minute, so keep an eye on the top of your batter. Once it seems dry, you can gently flip it. Simply slide your spatula under the crepe and use your free hand to help guide it. Work your way through the batter, as this will make roughly 8-12 crepes. As you cook them, it’s a nice idea to set them on a plate in a warm oven. You’ll soon have a beautiful stack of delicate crepes ready to be filled and devoured.

For fillings, the banana and nutella combo is always a hit. I really like strawberries and whipped cream. This could be easily made by whisking cold heavy cream until it’s fluffy and forms stiff peaks. Add in a little powdered sugar to sweeten to your liking, and a little vanilla extract is nice. Growing up, we used to roll these rather than fold them, and I’d fill it with peanut butter and grape jelly. I’d then top it with syrup and powdered sugar, absolutely way too sweet, but totally delicious. If you end up with some leftovers, simply put them in a plastic bag and freeze them. They keep for months and can simply be heated in the microwave for a minute or so.




Hey, I'm Cameron, and I'm glad you're here. I post new recipes every week, all intended to build your confidence in the kitchen, each one with video tutorials to help. Craving something specific? Drop me a note in my contact form! 

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