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Beautifully Simple Chicken Teriyaki

Nothing goes better with a bowl of rice than perfectly juicy Chicken Teriyaki. It's salty, sweet, and sticky in the best way, and this is probably one of the simplest versions you can find. Feel free to add some Japanese chili powder if you want some spice, but that is totally up to you. Either way, I think you should make this as soon as you possibly can.


2 whole deboned chicken legs

3 tbsp dark soy sauce

3 tbsp Mirin

3 tbsp Sake

1 tsp sugar

Mix your soy, mirin, sake, and sugar in a bowl till combined. This is our teriyaki sauce, but you'll notice it's not thick yet; we'll reduce it in the pan with the chicken at the end.

The whole chicken leg is optional, you could use boneless thighs if you wanted. I like the larger pieces of chicken you get by using the whole leg. The bones can be removed by carefully slicing the back of the drumstick, and working your knife along the bone until it can be easily grabbed with your fingers. Do this to the thigh bone as well, and then work your knife under the bone by lifting it just enough for the tip of your knife to slide under. Continue slicing out until the bone is free from one side of the leg, and then begin working the other direction. The drumstick side has quite a few tendons that attach the bone to the meat that should be removed. You can identify them because they look like white rubber bands. This makes the final dish much easier to eat. Leave the skin on if you like a crispy skin at the end.

Season both sides of your chicken with salt and place in a pan over medium heat. I like to put this in when the pan is cold, as more fat will render that way. After 7-10 minutes (or until browned) flip the chicken and cook for another 10 minutes. Take the chicken out of the pan and pour in your sauce. Cook the sauce until bubbling and slightly thickened, then add your chicken back. Keep the pan over the heat and continue cooking while flipping the chicken constantly. The end goal is a reduced sauce that completely coats the chicken. Slice your chicken and serve over white rice with extra sauce on top.



Hey, I'm Cameron, and I'm glad you're here. I post new recipes every week, all intended to build your confidence in the kitchen, each one with video tutorials to help. Craving something specific? Drop me a note in my contact form! 

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